Student Code of Conduct

1. Students must arrive on time and attend all lessons, activities and excursions as shown on their timetable.

2. If students are ill they must telephone their group leader. Individual students must contact the Centre Manager directly to notify the reason for absence.

3. Students are allowed to leave the Junior Summer School site during lunchtimes and after their afternoon lessons or activity.

4. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the Brookfield College site or in host family accommodation.

5. On activities and excursions, students should wear appropriate clothing, use polite language, be attentive and speak in English at all times. Any student causing offence or acting in an unacceptable manner may forfeit their place on future activities and excursions and be subject to disciplinary procedures.

6. Brookfield College reserves the right to ask a student to leave because of serious misconduct or non-payment of fees. All students and staff at the Summer School are expected to show respect to each other at all times. The following behaviour is not acceptable: harassment, bullying, actual threats of violence, damage to personal property and verbal abuse based on racial, sexual or religious differences.

7. Disciplinary procedure consists of one verbal warning, one written warning and after a third serious incident, the student will be sent home. The parent or legal guardian will be kept informed at all stages and will be liable for the cost of the return journey (travel to the airport and return flight).

8. In Ireland you must be over 18 to buy and consume alcohol, and to buy cigarettes.

9. All students have a curfew of 22:30 with their host families.

10. Students are required to follow the school’s AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) regarding the safe use of the internet available on our website.

11. On full-day excursions to other destinations, students may be unsupervised for 2-3 hours for shopping.

12.  Two students will be placed per host accommodation.

13. Brookfield College will not have classes on national bank holidays. There are no extra classes given where a bank holiday occurs during a course.

14. All students are expected to use common sense, and not go back to the house of a stranger and always be in the company of another Brookfield College student.